IGNOU BA Philosophy Books, Study Material, Free Download

IGNOU BA Philosophy Books Free Download

Students who are looking for Ignou BA Philosophy (BPY-1 to 12) books have come to right place. Here, we have uploaded the free books of Ignou BA philosophy programme for free download.The university provides the BDP / BA Philosophy study material or books twice in a year i.e for January and July admissions. Ignou BA Philosophy Study material & assignment booklets are provided by university in English and Hindi medium.

The IGNOU BA Philosophy study material is provided to the students after the confirmation of student admission in Philosophy 3 year degree progamme.The programme code is “BPY”. The university sends hard copy of IGNOU BPY study material or books along with IGNOU BPY assignment question papers to the student at their communication address via post. It could be simple Parcel/  Speed post/ Registered post,etc.

IGNOU BA Philosophy Reference Books

There are many reference available in the market for IGNOU BA philosophy programme which contains IGNOU BA Philosophy previous solved question papers of last 10 years.These BPY-BPYE IGNOU reference books can be buy online at various websites. Students can study Ignou BA Philosophy help books / reference books for all subjects to prepare for upcoming Term End examination.

IGNOU BA Philosophy Study Material Online

It is very much important to possess study material and books of BA philosophy degree programme offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University. Otherwise, You will not be able to complete IGNOU BA Philosophy solved assignments. Also, how could you prepare for Term End Examination of this programme.So, if you don’t get the IGNOU BPY books on time, you should visit your Regional Centre or Study Centre to enquire about it.

Not received IGNOU BA Philosophy Study Material, What to do?

If any student do not receive their books or study material at their address, he/she should contact their concerned IGNOU regional Centre to enquire about it. In the mean time, there is another option to carry on with your studies. The Indira Gandhi National Open University has created a website egyankosh.ac.in where students can download IGNOU BPY study material free of Cost.

Download IGNOU BA Philosophy Study Material

For student’s convenience, we have provided links to download the Ignou BA Philosophy Study Material / Books on our website. These books contains all the study blocks covering syllabus of all the courses. All the chapters  in the form of PDF can be downloaded free of cost by clicking at below link :

IGNOU BPY 1 Study Material (Indian Philosophy: Part I)

Block-1 Introduction to Indian Philosophy Download
Block-2 Upanishads-I Download
Block-3 Upanishads-II Download
Block-4 Heterodox Systems Download

IGNOU BPY 2 Study Material (Logic: Classical and Symbolic)

Block-1 Nature of Logic Download
Block-2 Reasoning Download
Block-3 Symbolic Logic: Statements Download
Block-4 Symbolic Logic: Arguments Download

IGNOU BPY 3 Study Material (Ancient and Medieval Philosophy)

Block-1 Introduction to Philosophy Download
Block-2 Greek Philosophy: Early Philosophers Download
Block-3 Greek Philosophy: Classical Period Download
Block-4 Medieval Philosophy Download

IGNOU BPY 4  Study Material (Religious of the World)

Block-1 Introduction to Religion Download
Block-2 Religions of Indian Origin Download
Block-3 Religions of Middle-East Origin Download
Block-4 Other Religions Download


IGNOU BPY 5 Study Material (Indian Philosophy: Part II)

Block-1 Orthodox Systems-1 Download
Block-2 Orthodox Systems-2 Download
Block-3 Indian Philosophical Movements Download
Block-4 Contemporary Indian Thinkers Download

IGNOU BPY 6 Study Material (Metaphysics)

Block-1 Definition and Nature Of Metaphysics Download
Block-2 Metaphysical Structure of Finite Being Download
Block-3 Metaphysical Nature of Finite Being Download
Block-4 Notion of Being Download

IGNOU BPY 7 Study Material (Ethics)

Block-1 Perspectives in Ethics -Western Download
Block-2 Perspectives in Ethics –Indian Download
Block-3 Moral Consciousness Dowload
Block-4 Social Ethics Download

IGNOU BPY 8 Study Material (Modern Western Philosophy)

Block-1 Renaissance and Enlightenment Download
Block-2 Rationalism Download
Block-3 Empiricism Download
Block-4 Idealism and Positivism Download


IGNOU BPY 9 Study Material (Contemporary Western Philosophy)

Block-1 Foundations of Contemporary Philosophy Download
Block-2 Early Continental Philosophy Download
Block-3 Later Continental Philosophy Download
Block-4 Analytical Philosophy Download

IGNOU BPY 10 Study Material (Epistemology)

Block-1 Introduction Download
Block-2 Sources of Belief Download
Block-3 Methods and Justification of Knowledge Download
Block-4 The Knowing Subject Download

IGNOU BPY 11 Study Material (Philosophy of Human Person)

Block-1 Approaches to the Study of Human Person Download
Block-2 Origin and End of Human Person Download
Block-3 Nature of Human Person Download
Block-4 Human Person and Society Download

IGNOU BPY 12 Study Material (Philosophy of Science and Cosmology)

Block-1 Pre-Copernican Philosophy of Science and Cosmology Download
Block-2 Mechanical Philosophy of Nature Download
Block-3 Contemporary Philosophy of Science Download
Block-4 Contemporary Philosophy of Nature/Cosmology Download

IGNOU BPYE 1 Study Material (Philosophy of Religion)

Block-01 Nature and Origin of Religion Download
Block-02 Problem of Affirming God’s Existence Download
Block-03 Religious Language and Religious Experience Download
Block-04 Religious Pluralism and Post-Modern Trends Download

IGNOU BPYE 2 Study Material (Tribal and Dalit Philosophy)

Block-01 The Story of the Tribals Download
Block-02 The Philosophy of the Tribals Download
Block-03 The Story of Dalits Download
Block-04 The Philosophy of Dalits Download
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